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Knowledge Of Detergent

Knowledge Of Detergent

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The theory of washing powder and cleaning agents structures


★The ingredients of washing powder and cleaning agents

The ingredients that compose washing powder and cleaning agents are active, chelating agents or ion exchangers, anti-redeposit ion agents, additives and fillers. There are about 12-30 kinds of industrial chemicals, which synthesize to remove dirt and grime.


★The decontamination principle of washing powder and cleaning agents

In brief, it is softening hard water by erasing the hard ions which are contained in hard water in which we soak our dirty things. With a certain temperature and mechanical force, the main remover (active or enzyme) and builder will wet, emulsify and remove the dirt.


★Types of washing powder and cleaning agents

① Hand wash detergent powder

Feature: High foam, the main active is anionic

Applied range: household hand wash, to clean industrial machinery and flooring

② Machine wash detergent powder

Features: Foam free or low foam, the main active is non-ionic.

Applied range: Top loader, front loader and others types of washing machines.


How to judge the quality of washing powder and cleaning agents:

①. It's a serious error to simply evaluate the quality of washing powder and cleaning agents by the Active contained.

②. The core quality of washing powder and cleaning agents is whether its washing power is strong or weak and whether it is safe and healthful.

③. The quality standard of washing powder and cleaning agents recognized worldwide is the comprehensive washing power should be greater than 1.

④. The single active contained cannot decide the washing power of detergent powder and washing agents totally.

⑤. The washing power depends on the active contained and other effective content of ingredients.

⑥. 30% Of the detergent quality can be only decided by the Active, the rest depends on other effective components. Considering, for Example, two kinds of detergent, each with 15% Active, one of which the washing POWER is 0.6, the other one not less than 1.4. The quality of detergent would be different even with same Active. The quality differentials would be 3 times greater, while the price difference would be about half of that.

⑦. The type of active decides the foam amount, but not the content of active.                 

The more the Anionic Active (LABS/AOS/AES) it contains, the more foam it has. The more the Non-anionic Active it contains, the less foam it has, but its purifying abilities are better than anionic active.

⑧. The quality of detergent products is not the definite reflection of the function of any sole raw material. It is the result of the synthesis of the various ingredients which safely and effectively work together.


★ The usage of washing powder and cleaning agents:

You will find washing instructions on the package of each washing powder and cleaning agent, please read them carefully before using the product. 

★The principle of superior quality is being strictly executed by CHENXING DAILY CHEMICAL CO,.LTD while producing washing powder and other cleaning agents.

Ordering high quality materials, adopting precise production procedures and manufacturing excellent products are the standards we strictly implement.

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